The compact distributing cabinet

The equipment

-4 rails 400V / 200A
-96 sub units ( 96x230V or 32x400V )
-3 fields
   - supply with transducer
   - breaker trip field / fuse 96 TE
   - discharge 3-pole terminals
-standard exits up to 32A

H x L x D : 2100mm x 800mm x 600mm 

Connection, modification or revision of single discharge terminals during active data center operations is possible.

Further advantages:
-completely pre-wired
-equipment only on demand
-integration in queued server cabinets or pitch concepts
-integration in ceiling paths concepts

Monitoring and surveillance:
-2 seperate measurement devices
-multimeter ( electricity, voltage, power )
-leakage current
-possible GLT entering

-equipment with LSFI or
-with forced single disconnection possible 
-contact safety device against unwanted shutdown
-seperate documentation compartment 
-closure through special closure or integration of a CMC-TC access system possible